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"Piper at the Gates of Dawn"

"Set Sail"

"Watch It Bub"

"Not On My Watch"


"Flying High"

"I Think I Need a Snack"

"Good Morning"

"I Love Red"

"You Still There?"

"Well Hello There!"

"Fire in the Sky"


About David Lovett

I was always an artist and walked a creative path. At a young age I began painting and drawing the things I knew and saw and when in the absence of something to mimic I would create my own works from my imagination. I know I was intended to be creative.


In college, I pursued my creativity further. Being open minded I was introduced to more mediums such as pottery, sculpture, photography, digital art and illustration. I found a love for each of my new found desires. Growing and learning I became enthralled with my passion for art and followed my dream of becoming an artist and designer.


After acquiring a degree in design for visual communications and graphics, I began a professional career as a designer and illustrator working for some top companies in the country. After years of developing and honing my skills, I continued to educate myself receiving a Bachelors in Marketing and a Masters of Information Systems to enhance my skills.


With my passion still in the arts I now continue to work on my designs, paintings, sculpture and pottery to create imaginative and unique pieces of art. I hope you enjoy my work. Please check back often to see new art I have created.


Ya Gotta Lovett!
-David Lovett


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