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Logos speak for them self, or at least that's what they are suppose to do. Your logo needs to speak to the viewer. Tell them what your company is and does. This sometimes gets lost in a logo. The best logos are simple and to the point. Memorable.


The logo process is always the same. What kind of representation can be an iconic graphic for this company? Is it all text? Does it have a graphic? Is it full color or maybe two-color? The thought process begins and the questions come flying.


In my opinion, and I've learned this through the years, a logo MUST work in one color in order to work and be effective. Everyone wants that vibrant brilliantly colorful logo, but the truth is that comes after the single color design. There will be many instances where you can use only one color and it may be a small logo. So your logo needs to work in small places. Those are two very important traits of a logo. Then the iteration process begins.


This is the process I took for the Danziger & Mangold, Attorneys logo. I began with black and white logo options.


Then those initial logos iterated into the next level of designed logo, based on the clients feedback.



Once a design was chosen, the color process begins. Different examples of color are added to the logo.




Until the final logo is completed, in color and black and white.



Many companies keep their logo black and white. They don't have a real need for color. They can always add color any time.



The two color logo is a very popular and cost effective style logo. You get the color aspects but at a lower printing cost. When done correctly, two colors can look like many colors.



The three color logo still allows you to save printing costs but gives you another level of personal design and color. Just that extra "POP" in your logo design.


These days, full color logos are not as expensive to print, with the new print processes. But keep in mind you don;t want the design to depend on the full colors because there will be situations where you won't be able to have that many colors. This is the Wonderful World of Logos!



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