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Graphic Design, Web Design and Illustration


Marketing, marketing, marketing...it's what makes the work go around. I work with various other marketing companies that come to me for a cohesive company design. Digi Marketing, was one of those company's. Digi Marketing specializes in digital marketing tactics for online and websites. Competing in that market, with it being very saturated, a company needs to stand out above the rest. In both service and appearance. A cohesive company look and feel with memorable avatars should do the trick, that was my plan.


Digital and online marketing is a very extensive and integrated industry. With my efforts, they have an estimated client list of over 500,000 users.


They wanted a robot, so I started there. My robot needed to be different. I see many robots and they all look the same. I also wanted mine to be more personable and...cute. A non-aggressive robot, that's here to help. So this is what I came up with. Digibot!


Meet DigiBot!


There are many services with Digi Marketing, so each service has it's own robot avatar. Adorned with the look of that service. (Too many to show them all)



The Digi Marketing website is the biggest marketing tool they utilize. The site was built on a dynamic platform allowing for expansion and updates. The color scheme, as well as, the look and feel of the digibots continues through the site design. Reinforcing the colors and branding.



Advertising...Digital Advertising! That's what it's all about. Digital advertising has been the leading marketing tool for this generation. There are an incredible number of different aspects to digital marketing. Digi Marketing tries to encompass all, or as many as they can. Email marketing, website marketing, Google Ads, Social Media marketing, the list goes on. Here are a few examples of the ads used for Digi.



Then in the end...there was a Digibot battle to eliminate all the old and worn out robots.



David Lovett

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United States


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