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With Digital Marketing, there are many aspects or avenues to venture down. One of the largest avenues is Online Marketing. Online Marketing has been a growing force for many decades. The secret to online marketing is to present the viewers with pertinent advertising based on their likes and needs. You may see this as you view websites and they present advertisements that directly pertain to you or what you've been looking for. This is frequent with Google Ads.


For any of these methods the main ingredient are the ads. You need as many as you can create. The more the better and every size that can be utilized. You will hit every market online and with multiple ads at various sizes you can fit your ads anywhere. But because there are so many ads out there, you better make them interesting and eye catching.


One local adventure outfitter, Appalachian Outdoors, has a brick and mortar shop but do most of their business online. They have a need to weekly advertisements. They need to be fresh and consistent. With the creation of their online marketing ads, I have helped increase their sales by 74% monthly. That's a large growth.



You can find just about anything online. Especially anything for sale. Here's a Parylene Solution by Diamond MT. Parylene is a series of polymers from paraxylene and is considered by many to be the ultimate conformal coating. See you can find anything, and that's just what Diamond MT's newly generated reports showed for an additional 1500 new impressions in a month.



Beauty supplies. What a business. It's one of the largest industries in the world. The market on beauty supplies is very competitive with multiple options for everything. SPecials and Sales are how your going to reach new customers in the beauty world. Most have a preference or brand they stick with, so an offer is your best chance at new customers. Peninsula Beauty Willow Glenn offers such advertising to entice with an offer. An offer with a savings, such as this one, usually increases sales 20-30% for that campaign. As did this one.


Speaking of huge markets, there's nothing larger than the sports industry. Sport collectibles are a favorite for all ages. From children to adults, everyone needs their sports memorabilia. Sports Collectibles is a company that provides all sports memorabilia, from autographed photos and accessories to clothing and more. They have a strong need for Online Marketing to reach the masses for their products. Sports memorabilia is a $35 Billion dollar industry, in which my designs allow Sports Collectibles to participate.



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