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One of my favorite things to design are labels and packages! I find it very intriguing and visionary to make labels and packages. With this type of design, you really need to solve the puzzle of functionality and beauty. Package design has a purpose and needs to adhere to that purpose, as well as look great and be eye catching to attract customers. My labels on the average inspire potential customers by 25%, therefore increasing sales.


Oak Spring Winery has a variety of different wines. From whites to reds, and all shades and flavors in between. One of the latest flavors was their new blend of Niagara and Jalapeno, Hestia. Sweet with a kick. The design had to be original and portray the wine itself. I went through the iteration process and presented a few designs to portray the flavor.



Along the same idea of wine is Bloody Mary Mix from Captain John's. This mix contained a splash from crab juice and was geared towards the coastal demographic, therefore I needed to incorporate a costal and/or crab look and feel. You may see this Bloody Mary mix at your local seafood restaurant.



Package design comes in all shapes and sizes. Each has its own quandary to tackle. Some even have a specific budget to remain within, so your design has to exist within those boundaries. One client, ITSI Biosciences, had just that perspective on their packages. ITSI had many products that needed to be set apart from each other, but with a limited cost. The solution was a simple box design with a three color print. The three color printing would save huge amounts of money for the client, while still giving them what they need. The color scheme continued into their other company collateral, although the catalogs did have 4-color process printing.




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