The Meadows

Illustration, Branding and Graphic Design


What's the popular hangout, that's right The Meadows - Original Frozen Custard! Since the 50's people have been going to The Meadows on a hot (and cold, I can't explain it) day. Each day they present special flavors for the day. Begriming as a single owned ice cream store, The Meadows is now a successful franchise with an annual revenue of up to 5 million dollars.


So let's get back to the 50's, when it opened. Well all their artwork was from then as well. When it came time to franchise and become modern there was no digital artwork, plus they were beginning new aspects which didn't have any branding. The first thing was to recreate the original Ice Cream Cone. I recreated the cone logo in Adobe Illustrator, embellishing on the design slightly. The Cone Logo and Main Logo utilize the same colors. Pantone System Colors, PMS 141, PMS 803, PMS 2756 and PMS 1395. With these colors all logos are produced. Fonts: Brush Script MT and Arial Black.



The Meadows was expanding and introducing a coffee bar. The next step was to determine a name and branding for this new aspect of the company. The Meadows Espresso Bar & Cafe became the winner after many iterations. I created a new brand, logo and some icons for the espresso bar identity.



There are many aspects to the ice cream store, signs, counter and drive-thru menus and advertising became a focus for consistency and branding within all franchises.


The Drive-Thru Menu board and sign. Design and structure. CAD drawings.



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