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Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing


A popular marketing tool these days, is the Podcast. Becoming very popular with many generations, the podcast is an excellent way to reach many people and express your point of view. IBM utilizes the podcast to keep viewers attention and coming back for more. Repeat customer action. Each Podcast, depending on the subjects, attracts roughly 2000-3000 listeners. Our goal was met to keep a 15% increase in listeners per podcast, to increase the overall number of followers to over 200,000.


IBM offers podcast in just about every aspect of the company. From Analytics, Community Reporting, Financial Information and much more.


The design for the marketing of the podcasts, was to establish a look and feel, an identity, for each and continue that design throughout all ads. You'll see the consistency and look of each podcast series and how they relate.


A popular podcast from IBM is their Communications Connection, which talks about Big Data and Analytics. Excellent for the strategist and marketer. The design was to present an old time radio feel. Variations of color would individualize each podcast and it's particular design. A very simple, yet elegant solution to the design.



Another popular podcast comes from the community and the people that take care of the community. Public Sector Talks speaks about the people that put their life on the line everyday to make us safe. This podcasts design follows a the similar idea of the previous, but with a more modern flair. And the use of photography.



One of the biggest aspects of everyone's life id finance. So Finance In Focus, from IBM, brings you the latest financial news, updates, happenings, interviews and everything you can think of about finance. The podcasts speak from a level that everyone can enjoy and understand.




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