IBM Dave Haase Campaign

Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing


Analytics plays a huge role in the day to day marketing at IBM. Becoming a leader in Data Analytics, IBM, has developed some turn-key products. Being fortunate enough to reside on the analytics team, we had some great discovers not only in analytics,but in marketing as well. The Dave Haase Campaign for the Race Across America (RAAM), was an innovative advance in human analytics, regarding the stamina of the human body. IBM and Dave Haase worked closely together to bring some of the first data every collected for human development analytics.


Basically, Dave Haase swallowed a capsule that allowed IBM to analyze his physical traits and capture the analytics that his body produced. Giving Dave Haase and IBM and advantage in knowing when to supplement the body with nourishment for the best possible outcome of the race. With that said, the marketing direction was to establish a rage and a following for the development of Dave Haase throughout the race.


The utilization of Social Media Marketing allowed IBM to reach the masses at an instant and to get the latest message to all the followers. From Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, Dave Haase and IBM were in the face of the world. Demonstrating the latest technology for Analytics.


The campaign called for media ads to be place throughout the social media community. The concept was to design an overall feel for the campaign. This design would be carried throughout the entire process. I created over 200 marketing ads and graphics, plus three videos to portray the Dave Haase message. The online efforts thwarted over 100,000 followers for IBM.



We developed a Twitter Quiz. Which allowed people to be interactive with the Dave Haase Campaign. Plus test their RAAM knowledge.



And as the race continues, so does the advertising and marketing.



To make things more interactive and exciting, I created an animation to represent the Race Across America and Dave Haase. This is an animated GIF.





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